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Developed and Refined by Professional Builders

ACRYTECH was created by professional recreational surface builders with three objectives in mind: 1) A coating that is highly workable for ease of application; 2) A coating so good that it works on a variety of surfaces, from hard concrete and asphalt to flexible rubber; 3) A coating that plays as good as it looks, meeting the demands of tennis facilities, basketball courts, in-line skating rinks, running tracks, and other recreational surfaces.

ACRYTECH Cushion Pro System

Stegas, Inc. has over a 2.5 million gallon annual capacity, being able to keep up with the demands of large scale projects and also stocks approximately 10,000 gallons of ACRYTECH. Located just a few miles west of Atlanta, GA, Stegas prides itself in supplying the highest quality products quickly and efficiently throughout the United States. We are here to work with you and make your project a success.

High quality means using 100% Acrylic Latex Emulsions and only the best raw materials weighed to the 100th of a pound each and every batch. The final product is put through rigorous quality control tests, ensuring satisfaction. Installers love it for its superior workability, rich color, and proven quality time and time again. Players love it for its ideal ball speed, spin and color. Owners love it for its longevity and simply outstanding good looks.

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ACRYTECH in action at the 2017 Memphis Open

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